What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?


Real estate agents are professionals who help clients buy and sell houses, buildings and other types of commercial and residential property. They typically have a state license to work in the field, which requires extensive training and passing a professional exam. They often partner with a broker, a more experienced real estate professional who oversees their transactions and takes a cut of their commissions. In some cases, agents choose to work for themselves instead of a broker.

As a client, you can expect your agent to be available when needed to show properties or answer questions. This might include after-hours, weekends or even holidays. If you want to avoid disappointment, ask your agent for their availability when you first meet.

Finding clients is central to the job of a real estate agent. To do so, they often use a strategy called the sphere of influence, focusing on marketing to people they already know. This can include their social circles, family and friends. Some agents also attend networking events and trade shows to find potential clients. https://www.brettbuysrochouses.com/

Once an agent has found a client, they must work with them to understand their needs and goals. If the client is interested in buying a home, for example, they will help them find properties that fit their price range and wish list. They also provide them with information about the local area, including crime rates and schools.

When a property meets a client’s criteria, the agent must conduct property showings and open houses to introduce the client to the home. They also help negotiate the price and terms of a sale. For instance, they may advise a client that it would be wise to lower the asking price to make it more competitive.

As part of their duties, real estate agents must prepare and review legal documents for real estate transactions. This includes contracts, agreements and other paperwork for both buyers and sellers. Agents must also be familiar with the local regulations for real estate sales. They also assist their clients with the transaction process, advising them on inspections, moving and other matters that must take place before closing.

Real estate agents often act as mediators between their clients and the seller or buyer of a property. They communicate offers, counteroffers and queries between the parties and generally act as go-betweens to ensure that all parties understand their obligations.

A good real estate agent can remove a lot of the stress that comes with buying or selling a property. They have extensive knowledge of the market and how the process works, and they can help their clients set realistic expectations and navigate a complicated process. In addition, they have a network of professionals who can help with various aspects of a transaction, such as mortgage brokers, title companies and inspectors. This can streamline the process and reduce the amount of time it takes to close on a deal. This can save both time and money for their clients.


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